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Our leather weightlifting belt is made of genuine quality cowhide leather that wont break or wear out over time.

This belt provides stabilizing lumbar support that lets you take your power training to the next level! 


If youre serious about lifting, you know a good weightlifting belt can help you draw more power out of your abs and lower back while reducing the risk of painful injury.

Thats why you should get it right the first timewith the Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting Belt!

When it comes to comfort, this belt delivers. With its adjustable non-slip fit, you never have to worry about it coming loose mid-lift, riding up, or digging into your sides or hips. That means you can focus on upping your weightlifting game! 



For highest accuracy, measure around your bellybutton and lower back for correct measurement

Comes in 5 sizes - XS: 23-31 , S: 27"-35" , M: 32- 40 , L: 36"-44" , XL: 41"-49. 



Made of high quality 5mm leather 

Lightweight (1.5 lbs) and compact   

 4" height   

Full lumbar support  

Durable metal buckle   

Sleek red & black design  

Hand-wash with damp cloth 


Great for Crossfit, body building, weightlifting, powerlifting, and other high intensity training that requires lumbar support

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  • BUILT TO LAST : our leather weight belt doesn't break, tear, or wear out like inferior weight belts made from cheap materials like fake leather, plastic, nylon, or velcro
  • DOESN'T DIG INTO YOUR SIDES OR HIPS : our weight belts are made from genuine buffalo hide leather which is designed to be soft, supple, and flexible so it eliminates any pain while lifting, yet still being super supportive
  • DEADLIFT AND SQUAT OVER 600 POUNDS WITHOUT BREAKING : customers continue to confirm they're able to successfully lift well over 500 and 600 pounds while using our belts without issues of them breaking - they're also IPF and USAPL approved
  • AVERAGE INCREASE OF 10 MORE WEIGHT LIFTED : with the right thickness and width, our belt allows or extra power, strength, and support in your back and abs and customers confirm they've instantly improved their lifts by 10 on average while using our weightlifting belts
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENTS: We're so confident in the quality of our belts, we'll send you a new one if yours ever fails

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Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt, Olympic Lifting, Weight Belt, Weight Lifting Belt for Men and Women, 6 Inch, Back Support for Lifting (Stars and Bars, 30" - 34" Around Navel, Small)

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Size Matters:
If you purchase Fire Team Fit's weightlifting belt and it does not fit, we'll give you a refund or a different size weight belt. Please do take a look in the pictures at the waist measurement chart to ensure proper weight belt size.

Determining Size:
Pant size is not always an indication of belt size. Use a flexible tape measure or a string and measure from your belly button the distance around your lower back in inches.

Designed to Last:
Quality manufacturing, a heavy duty strap and a sturdy roller buckle all lead to a superior design, which will be there to support you whenever you need it.

100 Satisfaction Guarantee:
We are so confident in the quality of our products, that if for any reason you are not satisfied with your Weightlifting belt, we will give you a full refund.

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  • 🏋🏽EXERCISE IN THE GYM: Fire Team Fit Weight Belts help promote good form while lifting. Avoid injury and maximize your exercise performance. Unlike bulkier leather belts, this is softer, flexible and more comfortable to wear.
  • 🏆WORK OUT WITH CONFIDENCE: Feel and look your best while promoting safe weight lifting technique. Whether you are at the gym or carrying your old dog up the stairs, you can benefit from the added stability of this weight belt.
  • 💪🏼LIGHTWEIGHT CONTOUR DESIGN: This belt is designed to support your back while providing you the mobility to perform multiple exercises. Not only can you Bodybuild using the weightlifting belt, but it is ideal for exercises such as Back Squats, Power Cleans, Deadlifts, Clean and Jerks, Overhead Squats and much more.
  • ABDOMINAL AND LOWER BACK SUPPORT: Unlike a leather belt with a predetermined set of holes, the hook and loop support strap gives the ability to adjust tightness for the desired comfort and support needed for leg and core body movements.
  • 🕘LIFETIME WARRANTY: If your weightlifting belt ever breaks or becomes unsafe to use, we will replace it for free. No questions asked.

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RDX Powerlifting Belt Lever Buckle Cow Hide Leather 10mm Single Prong Weight Lifting Workout Gym Fitness Exercise Bodybuilding

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RDX's powerlifting lever belt is the perfect mix of the old school, and the new. 4 inch wide, 10mm thick oil-tanned nubuck leather constructed, this bodybuilding belt includes a Leclo power lever closure system for convenient attachment and adjustment for whichever exercise or fitness workout in the gym. The designed mold stays close to the body to provide ample support and enhance posture.

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  • Oil Tanned Nubuck Leather for Durability RDX weightlifting belt is equipped with extremely long-lasting Oil tanned Nubuck leather material. With the addition of oil, the smoothness of the belt remains intact. This weight-lifting belt is unmatched and unpretentious leather material flawlessly aids in crouches, power lifting, dead lifts, or jerks. The resiliency of the material helps you in tough workout and preparations.
  • Advanced lever Clasp Closure This powerlifting belt is manufactured using unified lever clasp closure technology to ensure sturdy firmness, balance, and offer sufficient waist fastening support and comfort. The lever clasp is contrived with robust chrome buckle. Further it aids in making calm adjustments on your waist. The resilient support will not break like a feeble lever belt pronged system.
  • Top-notch Suede Finishing for a Non-Slip Our Weightlifting lifting belt is strengthened with top-notch suede lining to provide comfort grip during your workout sessions. The lining is literally like a cushioned pad that helps push against your lower back to provide you maximum level of relief without comprising on support and fit you require while lifting those heavy weights.
  • High Quality Stitching Craft RDX weight-lifting belt is armored with rare stitching that augments compactness and suppleness to guarantee it can endure extreme use for maximum time period. Contrived by crew of superlative craftsmen who aim to provide trendy and smart look. The flawlessly constructed needlework skill further confirm refined exterior of the belt.
  • Satisfaction GuaranteedJump back in class with RDX weightlifting belts. We thrive for excellence and hence our Professional Customer Service ensures your satisfaction. Our product is backed by our manufacturer for complete money back guarantee. Don't delay, Buy today!

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Flexz Fitness Lever Buckle Powerlifting Belt 10mm Weight Lifting Black Medium

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FlexzFitness Powerlifting Belts Keep Your Back Safe
Our belts are made to IPF specs and give excellent support when lifting. They have been carefully designed to maximize performance, durability, safety, and comfort. The 10mm thickness provides the best support a power belt can offer. It conforms to your body to stabilize support and lets you take your power training to the next level.

Why Should You Buy a Powerlifting Belt?
Many weightlifters tend to round their lower back, causing hyperextension and irreversible damage to the spine. Our weightlifting belts help reduce stress on your back by stabilizing the spine. Increasing pressure to your core through our power-lifting belt will make you feel safer and increase core stability, giving you much more power when lifting heavy weights. If a lifter is squatting heavy or pulling big, a belt will increase performance on those lifts.

Product Details:

  • Genuine Premium Material
  • Adjustable, Non-Slip Fit
  • Stretch and Tear-Resistant
  • Heavy Duty Metal Buckle
  • Unisex (Men and Women)
  • 60-Day Guarantee
  • Multiple Belly Waist Sizes: Small, 23"-27"; Medium, 27"-31"; Large, 31"-35";, X-Large 35"-39"; XX-Large, 39"-43"

Please refer to the sizing chart in the images to select the correct size: DO NOT ORDER PANTS SIZE.

Shop the Entire Online Collection of Flexz Fitness improved activewear products at our storefront for other clothing necessities or to purchase a great gift for a friend.

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  • STRONG & DURABLE: Wear this unisex lever belt to give yourself excellent back support; it's made with carefully sourced, high quality, artificial leather and solid steel; stiff, heavy-duty stitching design on the inside and outside keep the belt from sliding on the torso mid-lift, which lets you to lift heavier weights with less risk of injuries at the gym
  • KEEP YOUR BACK SAFE: Stay protected from injuries during weight-lifting sets, deadlifting, fitness routines, snatches, powerlifts, reps, and other circuit, sport, or exercise programs; this comfortable belt is easy to fit and release and has 3 rows of stitching; it works to reduce stress on your back by bracing and stabilizing the spine; the lever helps increase intra-abdominal pressure, which is crucial for the establishment of a safe and effective form
  • COMPETITION SAFE: Men or women weightlifters who buy weight lifting, bodybuilding, and powerlifting belts, such as this premium, powerful, stitched performance workout belt with lever, often participate in competitions, and know they can count on our 10mm belts because they're USAPL and IPF compliant
  • SIZING: Transform your training regimen today with this advanced, professional brace belt; please use size guide to order the correct size; use belly size (NOT pant size): Small, 23"-27"; Medium, 27"-31"; Large, 31"-35"; X-Large, 35"-39"; XX-Large, 39"-43"
  • SATISFACTION: Flexz Fitness does not accept any compromises on the standards, materials, or quality of our products, but if for any reason, you are not satisfied with our gear or equipment, we offer exchanges or a complete 100 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

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ProFitness Weight Lifting Belts for Men and Woman Leather Weightlifting Belt Comes with (Black/White, Medium)

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Turn on BEAST MODE with a genuine PROFITNESS leather workout gym belt for back support during core body workouts. Ideal for squats, deadlifting, powerlifting.

It doesnt matter if youre a two-time CrossFit world champion or a guy strolling into the gym for the first time in your life, supporting your lower back is essential to your core strength and your ability to remain physically healthy. Thats why you need a PROFITNESS Genuine Leather Weightlifting Wprkout Belt.

Made from premium-grade leather, our workout gym belt wont stretch, tear or slip while youre working out; no matter how much weight you throw up. In fact, this heavy duty fitness belt features an adjustable, double prong roller buckle to stay in place while youre bending, lifting, squatting and straining. Better yet, it helps you maintain proper form and balance so you never lose sight of your goals due to weight lifting injury.

Why our PROFITNESS leather workout belts better?
We offer 60-Day Guarantee money back refund, must register to qualify
Genuine Leather
Adjustable, Non-Slip Fit
Stretch and Tear Resistant
Heavy Duty Metal Buckle
Unisex (Men and Women)
Enhanced Width: 4 Inchs wide

What will PROFITNESS leather workout belt do for you?
Provides Lumbar Support
Stabalizes Back
Reduces Stress on Spine
Create Better Body Biomechanics
Increase your core power, strength

Sizes Availabe
Multiple Waist Sizes: S (23-31), M (32-40), L (41-49)

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  • BUILD CORE STRENGTH Front to back, your core muscles play a major factor in your health and fitness. Our PROFITNESS gym belt helps prevent back injury, but it also helps sustain strong abdominal and a thick back.
  • PREVENT BACK INJURIES Properly supporting your lower back (lumbar support) is important, especially when powerlifting, twisting or supporting heavy weights. Our PROFITNESS weightlifting belt is perfect for crossfit exercises, powerlifting and daily gym fitness.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED PROFITNESS¬†has worked hard to create the best workout belt made of genuine leather, however, if you dont love it, return it within 60 days for a full, money back refund. *Must register to qualify.
  • IMPROVED FORM TECHNIQUE Maintaining proper squat and lifting form is essential to not only strength gains, but for reducing injuries. This leather weight lifting belts for men and woman helps ensure you sustain balance and stability throughout your sets.

  • COMFORTABLE LEATHER Each genuine leather belt is comfortable, comes with a heavy duty weightlifting belt latch, is adjustable and wont slip or ride while youre performing squats, power lifts, dead lifts, ¬†just lift, and obtain that goal!¬†

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Steel Sweat Weight Lifting Belt - 4 Inches Wide by 10mm - Single Prong Powerlifting Belt That's Heavy Duty - Vegetable Tanned Leather - Hyde Medium

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The Steel Sweat Weight Lifting Belt provides stronger, longer lasting support with a single prong steel buckle design for quick, easy adjustments. Thickness and color tone may vary from belt to belt due to the properties of leather.

- Width: 4"
- Color: Natural Brown
- Thickness: 10mm
- 100 genuine cowhide leather
- Vegetable tanned brown
- Single prong roller buckle
- Stainless steel screw-in rivets and buckle
- Industrial strength heavy duty stitching

One of the unique features of the Steel Sweat Lifting Belt is its vegetable tanned leather. Crafted from the all-natural cowboy method of tanning hides, the vegetable tanning process can take weeks to complete, in comparison to the mere hours of the modern sole tanning.

Remember to check our sizing guide in the photos on how to measure your waist to get a good fit. DO NOT use your pant size to determine the size of your lifting belt. Our belts are designed to be worn tight around the waist. The more secure the belt, the more support and stabilization it provides. Refer to our sizing guide in the photos.

Lay flat and allow to fully dry post workout. Do not leave in direct sunlight. Apply a good quality leather conditioner to nourish and protect the leather.

If you are looking for a flexible leather belt that is strong, supportive, lightweight and compact, then you'll want to give this one a go.

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You'll love this belt because it is a firmer, more durable, water-resistant leather weight belt with a rich, natural brown tone. For you this means a nicer feeling belt that is strong and supportive, just as you would expect it to be so you can focus on your lifting in comfort. Click ADD TO CART button now!

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  • LONG LASTING and STRONG: Made from premium full grain cowhide leatherand top quality stainless steel hardware. Double stitched heavy duty nylon stitching . Heavy single prong buckle with seamless roller. Offering you a belt that will last and remains comfortable and supportive for years to come. Vegetable tanned real leather lifting belt using the all-natural cowboy method of tanning hides.
  • QUICK and EASY to ADJUST: Single prong roller buckle made of stainless steel. Allowing you to make easy adjustments from hole to hole during your workout. Easier to use than a 2 prong buckle and will not break like a lever belt pronged system.
  • WHAT SIZE DO I GET: STEP 1: Find your perfect fit by checking our sizing guide in the pictures. STEP 2: Get the best premium weightlifting belt you deserve by clicking the Add To Cart Button now.
  • POWERLIFTING FEDERATION COMPLIANT: 4 inch belt width for maximum core support during heavy lifts that is ipf federation compliant.
  • IMPROVED SUPPORT: You get 10mm thickness for better lumbar and core support for those serious about powerlifting. A stronger core means more efficient your force transfer which means you will lift more weights.

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Harbinger 361071 Padded Leather Contoured Weightlifting Belt with Suede Lining and Steel Roller Buckle, 4-Inch, Medium

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Harbinger Padded Leather weightlifting belts offer enhanced comfort with interior foam cushioning and a suede lining. Belts are constructed of genuine leather with a contoured design to snugly fit the body and offer support for heavy lifting and strength training without hindering mobility. Harbinger 4-Inch Padded Leather Belt provides core support, protecting the lower back and abdominals during heavy lifting. The Harbinger 6-inch Padded Leather Belt provides even more coverage for larger bodies and increased stability. Backed with split leather, these padded leather weightlifting belts combine support with lasting quality and durability. 4-Inch available in four waist sizes: S (24-29 inches), M (29-33 inches), L (33-37 inches), XL (37-42 inches); 6-Inch available in five waist sizes: S (23-29 inches), M (29-33 inches), L (33-37 inches), XL (37-42 inches), XXL (42-48 inches). Measure around waist to determine size.

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  • Padded leather 4 inch weightlifting belt with contoured design for added comfort.
  • Interior foam cushioning and suede lining offer enhanced comfort. Belt double stitched for extra durability
  • 4 inch width stabilizes back and core during heavy lifting; genuine leather offers superior support and helps maintain proper posture
  • Heavy-duty dual prong steel roller buckle secures tensioning to maintain a snug fit.Available in four waist sizes: S (23-29 inches), M (29-33 inches), L (33-37 inches), XL (37-42 inches); measure around waist to determine size
  • Do not use pant size to determine the size of your belt.

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Element 26 Self-Locking Weight Lifting Belt Premium Weightlifting Belt for Serious Crossfit, Power Lifting, and Olympic Lifting Athletes (Large, Black)

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What Makes a Great Weightlifting Belt?

This is the question we started with when designing the Element 26 Self-Locking Weightlifting belt. We wanted ultimate performance, comfort, and security for CrossFit Athletes. We achieved this by starting with the best material we could find, 100 Premium Nylon. Then, shaped it into the most functional design, a uniform 4" Profile. Finally, ensuring the belt will never come loose during your sets by including the revolutionary Self-Locking Technology. All of these factors created the best weightlifting belt you can buy for CrossFit Athletes. We know you will love this belt and it will last you a long time which is why we back it up with a lifetime manufacturers warranty! Buy Now and know you have the best.


Please ensure you measure correctly before purchasing to ensure the proper size. If you are between sizes, Size down. Measure the circumference of your torso, going around the navel and select the size based on these measurements:

Small: 25"-30"
Medium: 30"-35"
Large: 35.5"-39"
Extra Large: 39.5"-43"


Quick Release Buckle for Faster Transitions
Uniform Profile For Optimal Stability
100 Premium Nylon for Maximum Durability
Infinitely Adjustable for Perfect Pressure

About Element 26:

Element 26 is a small business founded by a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) and US Army Veteran. It provides High-Quality Products for the Athletic Weightlifter. The Versatile Athlete Who Cares About the Details and Understands that Training is a Lifestyle. Enhancing your PRs and Bringing Your Performance to New Competitive Levels

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  • BUILT FOR PERFORMANCE: Don't be fooled by cheap knock-off weight lifting belts and copycat lifting belts, only the Original Element 26 Self-Locking Belt is made from 100 Premium Nylon, doesn't have silly padded inserts and mesh coverings which result in unequal distribution of pressure during your lifts and designed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy with only one purpose in mind... ultimate performance for CrossFit athletes.
  • FUNCTIONALLY DESIGNED: One of the most frustrating aspects of other exercise belts is the silly use of contour and tapered designs. A weightlifting belt is designed to create even, consistent, intra-abdominal pressure to increase your stability during your lift, it's not a back support that others claim to be. To do this most effectively, a uniform 4 inch profile has been shown time and time again to be the most effective design by Powerlifters, Olympic lifters, and CrossFit athletes!
  • COMPETITION APPROVED: You know what is the worst? Buying a weightlifitng belt and finding out you can't use it in your competitions. Unlike our competitors, the Element 26 Self-Locking Weightlifitng Belt is fully approved for use in USAW and CrossFit Competitions. Don't be stuck having to buy twice, buy with confidence knowing this belt is approved for your competitions!
  • SELF-LOCKING SECURITY: Unlike other lifting belts that only rely on cheap velcro to support your lifts, our weight lifting belt uses Self-Locking technology that will never wear down and risk injury during your olympic lifts. The self-locking buckle is extremely simple and easy to use, it releases immediately upon pulling the release roller, yet, will never open or slip no matter how big your lift! Quit risking injury and worrying about your belt opening, try the self-locking difference now!
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: The quickest way to tell if a product is of high quality is to look at the warranty the company provides. Cheaply made products have short or limited warranties because the companies know it won't last a long time. At Element 26, we build only premium quality products and standby them with a lifetime warranty. If you ever have any problem, no worries, we got your back!

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ProFitness Genuine Leather Tapered Workout Belt (4 Inches Wide) - Proper Weightlifting Form - Lower Back and Lumbar Support for Exercises, Powerlifting Workouts (Medium, Black/White)

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RAISE YOUR GAME & POWER YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS WITH PROFITNESS At ProFitness we know how important your training is for your mental and physical health. We also know how important it is to have the right equipment in your Gym Bag when you go for a workout. Not only do our products look good, they offer you everything you need to get your training session completed safely and effectively. When designing & refining all our products, we consult Top Athletes in their field. They not only offer advice, but also extensively test our products to the max, checking for comfort, fit, durability and performance under high intensity, heavy duty workouts. So, we can be sure that our ProFitness 7mm Tapered Weightlifting Belts will continue to surpass all your expectations. IMAGE2 PRE BROKEN-IN FOR INSTANT COMFORT! We know athletes lead busy lives, so we designed our Classic Powerlifting Belts to be used AS SOON as you open the packaging! ALL our belts in the Classic Physic Tapered Series are PRE BROKEN-IN! So, you can take it to the gym Today and use it Today, without needing to take time out of your busy schedule to soften it up first! Our Belts are incredibly comfortable and give the kind of fit you know will support and protect, no matter what. And with added extra suede inner lining on every belt in the series, you will always achieve the ultimate comfortable grip when it matters most.

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  • PRE BROKEN-IN LEATHER: At last, a 100 Genuine Leather Weightlifting Belt that can be used Straight Out of the Pack, with No Breaking-In Required. This means you can Start Working-out Straight Away, as if your Brand-New Belt was a Comfortable Old Favourite! Available in 3 colors.
  • OPTIMIZE YOUR LACTIC ACID TRAINING: Our 7mm thick Tapered Powerlifting Belts are Perfect for Bodybuilders, Cross Training, Olympic Lifting & any kind of Fitness Training using Lactic Acid Tolerance. Gain more Muscle Mass & Endurance, do Much More Leg Work, Perform Deeper Squats & Heavy Volume Work. Plus, Lightweight and Durable, so you can 'Feel the Burn' with No Cumbersome Distractions.
  • KEEP GOOD FORM & PREVENT INJURY: The Number One Thought in a Weight Lifters Mind is to Keep Good Form. Our Lifting Belt allows you to do just that. Whenever you lift, you put pressure on your abdominal muscles & back. But with 4" wide back support & 7mm Thick Leather, our Bodybuilding Belt will give you the Core & Lumbar Protection you need, to let you work on your Deadlifts or Pendlay Rows Safely.
  • TOUGH & DURABLE: Made with Top Grain Leather on the outside with Supersoft Suede on the inside, for a Comfortable Fit & Secure Grip. Double Reinforced Stitching with Double Cap Rivets, for Built-to-Last Quality. With Ultra Strong Double Prong Belt to help with More Effective Pressure Distribution. Perform Better than Ever Before!
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: At ProFitness, we go the Extra Mile for our Customers. We are Very Proud of Our Reputation for High Quality Products & Outstanding Customer Service. If you have Any Issues, we will put them right, Fast! Make a risk-free investment with ProFitness today!

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Iron Bull Strength Powerlifting Belt - 10mm Double Prong - 4-inch Wide - Heavy Duty for Extreme Weight Lifting Belt (Green, Large)

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10mm PowerLifting Belt for Maximum Performance

The new Iron Bull Strength's powerlifting belt has been carefully designed to maximize performance, durability, safety and comfort. The 10mm thickness provides the best support and comfort a power belt can offer. It conforms to your body stabilizing lumbar support that lets you take your power training to the next level. Add to this our double stitching construction and you get a solid, durable power belt.

Who Can Benefit From a Power Lifting Belt?

Lifting belts increase intra-abdominal pressure. Increasing pressure to your core through our power belt will make you feel safer and increase core stability giving you much more power lifting heavy weights. If a lifter is squatting heavy or pulling big, a belt will increase performance on those lifts.

Main Features:

-10mm Thick Leather Construction.

-4" Wide Heavy Duty Suede Leather Material

- Double Roller Prong System

-Double Stitching Construction

-Fully Adjustable with 10 Row of Holes

Fit Guide

Measure with your clothing around the area the belt will be worn (NOT pants waist size). Pull tape tight for best measurement.

-Small: 25-30"
-Medium: 30-35"
-Large: 35-40"
-X-Large: 40-45"
-XX-Large: 45-50"

5 Star Experience

Built tough for your workouts, our 10mm powerlifting belt is durable, offers extreme support, effective and fully portable, will last many years of usage and give you the results you want. We're so confident that you'll absolutely love our lever belts that if somehow you aren't 100 satisfied, just contact us and we'll take them back for a full refund!

Click on the Yellow "Add to Cart" button above Now to MAXIMIZE your workouts and experience the RESULTS you deserve.

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  • PREMIUM 10MM THICK LEATHER: Our PowerLifting Belt features a 10mm thick select, exclusive suede leather material construction. The 10mm thickness is used by the top athletes around the world and has been proven to give the best support and flexibility a powerlifting belt needs. This weight lifting power belt is finished with top quality, fine suede providing non-slip surface.
  • MAXIMUM SUPPORT: Our 10mm thick weight lifting belt conforms to your body shape sooner and is considered by some to be the best and most comfortable thickness for a weight lifting power belt.
  • ADJUSTABLE DOUBLE PRONG: The double roller buckle prongs are precision made, custom zinc plated steel and are unmatched in strength and durability, and it looks great.
  • HEAVY DUTY: With a height of 4" across its length, this belt ensures your back, abs and entire core are evenly stabilized for extra power and strength.
  • SIZING CHART: Please use sizing chart in listing images to order the correct size. You need to measure your true waist size with a flexible tape and NOT order by pants size.

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