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100 Smoothie Recipes for Perfectly Life: Sip Up to Tasty, Massive Energy & Feeling Great, Diet, Detox & Weight Loss

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Do you want to get rid of stubborn body fat?

What is the right ratio of ingredients to make tasty smoothies?

Do you want to lose weight, without hard workouts?

The smoothie recipe book contains:

  • ¬†Benefits of smoothie lifestyle
  • ¬†Tips for creating better smoothies
  • ¬†20 Breakfast smoothies
  • 10 Berry smoothies
  • 20 Green smoothies
  • 10 Vegan smoothies
  • 20 Low-carb smoothies
  • 20 Detox & superfood smoothies

If you want to feel energized, this smoothie book definitely for you. All smoothie recipes are easy to make also they are budget-friendly, delicious and nutritious also it will help you to lose weight and maintain good health.

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Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.

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You will never diet again.

Say goodbye to calorie counting, restrictive food bans, or other forced behaviors. In Mini Habits for Weight Loss, you will learn how to lose weight naturally, in the precise way your body and brain are meant to change.

Weve blamed ourselves for lack of discipline. That didnt help.
Weve blamed calories, carbs, and fat. That didnt help.
Weve blamed our diet formulas. That didnt help.

Its time we looked at the practice of dieting.

Nearly all diets are ineffective because theyre based on dieting. Every person has a diet (noun), but its only if you are trying to lose weight that you diet (verb). Dieting is eating and drinking sparingly or selectively to reduce your weight.

It doesnt work. If youve tried dieting, you know that.

Even the perfect diet with the right foods will fail if its approached from the traditional dieting perspective. Since weight loss experts are more concerned with biology than neuroscience, we get brilliant discussions on nutrition followed by the same dumb suggestion to immediately start eating completely different foods than the ones youre habitually used to eating, and give up everything else.

Are You Fighting Your Own Body and Brain?

The brain resists dramatic behavioral shifts. Recognizing this and developing a strategy around it made the original Mini Habits the #1 selling self-help book in a number of countries. In Mini Habits for Weight Loss, youll see that we also biologically resist such changes, which explains why most dieters and smoothie-cleanse aficionados lose weight in the short term, only to gain it all back (and more) when the body adjusts.

Mini Habits for Weight Loss will show you how to make dietary changes in a sustainable, permanent way that doesnt trigger biological or neurological resistance.

Its a specialized version of the method that made the original book a hit in 14 languages. The mini habits remain easy to implement, but the reasoning and supporting tactics are more sophisticated. This is by necessity, as weight loss factors are many and varied. The strategies in the book are rooted in extensive biological and neuroscience research.

Youll discover:

  • Why its a terrible idea to forbid junk food.

  • How some of the most impactful changes you can make dont involve either diet or exercise.

  • Why conscious calorie restriction causes long-term weight GAIN, and how this science has been publicly available (and ignored) for more than 30 years.

  • How the bodys change process mirrors that of the brain, and why that is great news for losing weight.

  • Creative strategies to mitigate weight gain from eating out, social events, and holiday binge sessions.

  • Why eating fruit is essential to losing weight (for lots of reasons).

  • The role of exercise and an active lifestyle in weight loss, with appropriate strategies.

Most importantly, youll learn how to change your behavior and lose weight in the long term with mini habits.

Instead of reading yet another dieting book, why not try a proven behavioral change strategy that your brain and body will welcome and respond to?

Lasting change won't happen until you take that first step toward a strategy that works.

Read Mini Habits for Weight Loss, and youll never diet again.

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The Weight Loss Scriptures: The 30-Day Daily Devotional for Weight Loss Motivation

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Have you ever started a weight loss program with great enthusiasm - only to lose focus and regain the weight you lost? Not any more. With The Weight Loss Scriptures: The 30-Day Daily Devotional for Weight Loss Motivation, you will receive encouragement, support, and strength to help you reach your ideal weight - and maintain it for life. 

You can use these healing scriptures and simple, easy-to-read messages in conjunction with any healthy-eating program, or on its own.

Each daily devotional gives you the mindset needed to become a weight loss success story - from someone who has been there. Kimberly Taylor was once 240 pounds and a size 22. But through biblical wisdom, she was able to renew her mind, lose 85 pounds and drop from a size 22 to a size 8.

Through The Weight Loss Scriptures, you will discover how to turn each weight loss stumbling block into a building block to reach your ultimate goal. You will learn that every experience is valuable if you use what you learn to start again - more intelligently each time.

Some benefits you will gain from the scriptures include:

  • Increased self esteem
  • Confidence that you can succeed
  • Strategies to stay motivated when you find yourself losing focus
  • Enhanced energy to do all the things you need to do
  • Renewed appreciation for the body God gave you

And much more!

Starting today, become empowered to renew your mind and change your health for the better. Get ready to be transformed by the secrets of The Weight Loss Scriptures.

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Weight Loss Psychology for Women: Kick the Fat Girl Out of Your Head and Lose the Weight Permanently!

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Do you get tired of starting your diet off with a bang only to fizzle out after a month, a week or even less? Are you tired of working hard to finally shed a decent amount of weight only to gain it back within two years or much less? Are you so sick of being on the losing end of your weight loss battle that you are ready to give up the struggle permanently?

The most important question, did you spend time prepping your most important tool in your weight loss arsenal, your mind?

Get off the weight loss roller coaster once and for all! Be the healthiest, happiest you that you can be! You deserve the best life now!

This book uniquely approaches weight loss from the most important starting point. your mind!

Have you ever noticed that the times you were able to lose weight, it felt like NOTHING could stop you? You cant explain what the difference was exactly, only that your mind had landed in an unseen groove where you knew you were going to do it! Then, mysteriously, it was gone..

This book will help you rediscover that all important mindset and help you to stay in that groove for longer! Also, when you do drop out of the mindset needed, you will learn tools and strategies to acknowledge this sooner in order to get back on track quickly without falling back into old habits.

Here is just a sampling of tools for your weight loss arsenal you will gain from this book

  • How to get and stay motivated
  • The power of self-love and forgiveness
  • How to identify triggers that lead to overeating and cravings
  • How to stop feeling overwhelmed and feel empowered to stay the course
  • How to stay motivated and organized on a hectic schedule
  • How to get back up when you fall down.we all mess up!

  • Plus much, much more!

    People who will benefit from this book

  • Yo Yo dieters of all sizes
  • People who have been overweight all their lives and dont believe that they can ever change
  • People who lost weight and have kept it off a while but find that it is getting harder to maintain
  • People who are in good shape but concerned about the middle-age spread and want the mental prep to fight back
  • People who have been told by themselves or others that they will never change and to just learn to live with being overweight
  • People who have told themselves that is not even worth trying to lose weight anymore and have pretty much given up all hope
  • Personal trainers who have clients from this list that need to be taught mental strategies so that they can achieve the breakthrough you both are working so hard to achieve
  • People who are angry and/or disappointed in themselves for not being strong enough to reach and keep their weight goals
  • Family or friends of people who are struggling to lose weight and would benefit from this book for inspiration and encouragement

    If you match any of these, keep reading! This book is a pre-diet, mid-diet, and a post-diet necessity in order to train and reinforce your positive mental habits to keep your mind prepped for success!

    Are you ready to prepare your mind for success? You can do it! Lets start your transformation today!

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    Meet the author

    Felicia Urban, RN, MSN

    The author, Felicia Urban, RN, MSN, suffered from weight loss and gain until she was thirty years old. At age 29, she was at her highest weight ever of 234 pounds.

    She lost an amazing 90 pounds over the course of one year! She earnestly sought to understand what made her weight loss journey so difficult in the past and how to recapture and maintain her successful mindset that lead to her astounding 90-pound weight loss.

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    A Course In Weight Loss

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    If you are plagued by compulsive patterns of unwise eating, then this book is for you. In A Course in Weight Loss, best-selling author Marianne Williamson addresses the causal root of your weight-loss issues: a place within you where you have subconsciously forgotten your divine perfection. This forgetfulness has confused not only your mind but also your body, making you reach for that which cannot sustain you . . . and reject that which does. As your mind reclaims its spiritual intelligence, your body reclaims its natural intelligence as well. The 21 lessons in this book take you on a deep, sacred journey. One step at a time, you learn to shift your relationship with yourselfand your bodyfrom one of fear to one of love. And you will begin to integrate the various parts of yourselfmind, body, and spiritto become, once again, and in all ways, the beautiful and peaceful person you were created to be.

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    From Fat to Thin Thinking: Unlock Your Mind for Permanent Weight Loss

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    Do you wonder if your battle with weight is deeper than just diet and exercise? Are you worried that it is always going to be this painful struggle? This hypnosis based weight loss process will help you break through the mental barriers that keep you failing, so that you can confidently lose weight and keep it off permanently.

    I just finished with the 30-Day hypnosis-based process in From Fat to Thin Thinking and I feel AMAZING. I feel like going thru this process has literally reset the computer in my brain around everything I thought I knew about weight loss.

    Do you:

    • Know how to lose weight but cannot stick with it long-term?

    • Feel like you are on an endless cycle of being good on a diet and bad when you fall off?

    • Beat yourself up for being broken or out of control in regards to your body and your weight?

    Rita Black, renowned clinical hypnotherapist, expert in the psychology of weight management and former weight struggler, shows us that we are not insane or broken. Rather, our subconscious brains are wired to keep us in an unending struggle with weight.

    In From Fat to Thin Thinking: Unlock your Mind for Permanent Weight Loss, Rita guides you personally through her proven hypnosis-based Shift Weight Mastery Process that has helped former weight strugglers achieve long-term weight success for over a decade. The book guides you to realign your brain to lose weight for the last time and create the body and life you desire.

    If you've tried everything else and are looking to finally release extra weight and keep it off permanently, this is the book to have by your side in your journey to permanent weight release. Jan S. (Released 30 lbs and has kept it off over 10 years with the Shift Weight Mastery Process)

    From Fat to Thin Thinking is more than a book it is a hypnosis-based weight loss process that includes:

    1. Audio hypnosis and meditation downloads.

    2. Worksheets and cognitive exercises.

    3. And a 30-day email based daily support system with hypnosis, coaching and meditation.

    All available on an online resource center that goes with the book free of charge. Follow the simple process outlined in the book and you will:

    • Stop the on a diet/ off a diet yo-yo cycle so you can lose weight consistently.

    • Change the negative beliefs and habits that are keeping you stuck in a weight struggle and develop a new and healthy relationship with food, exercise and yourself.

    • Achieve your ideal weight confidently and have the peace of mind that you can keep it off!

    From Fat to Thin Thinking is a powerful process that works with the subconscious mind to help you break though old habits, beliefs and negative thinking around your weight that has kept you feeling stuckunable to lose the weight and live the life you desire (fat thinking) and SHIFT into a new thin thinking perspective, habits, and behaviors that allow you to master your relationship with food, exercise, your body and yourself. Release weight confidently and permanently.

     With empathy, humor and a compelling blend of science, story-telling and powerful mental techniques, From Fat to Thin Thinking gives you the keys to free yourself from the prison of the struggle with weight and the ability to start living the slimmer, healthier and more confident life you have been waiting for.

    I was able to release 11 pounds easily using the structure provided by hypnosis and thin thinking. I have used hypnosis with Rita for other major life changes so I was confident that it would be powerful for weight loss. I was not disappointed! Kristen L. (Released 11 pounds during her 30-day process)

    Start your journey to thin thinking and long-term permanent weight mastery today!

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    Lose Weight Fast: Over 50 Incredible Weight Loss Tips and Weight Loss Motivation Secrets Revealed (Lose weight, Lose weight here, Lose weight fast, Lose ... without dieting or working out Book 1)

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    Are You Sick Of Being Overweight?

    If so, then this book is for you because it lays out weight loss strategies that were designed by Dr. Shenoy who has been successfully helping people to lose weight for several years. She tells the truth about weight loss and what she's seen after years of practicing in the medical field, in a language that is easy-to-understand.

    The Topics Include:

    - What is obesity and why is it important to lose weight

    - Why people gain back the lost weight

    Diet Myths That Pack On Pounds

    The Right Attitude for Weight Loss

    Why is it important to lose weight slowly

    How To Change Your Eating Habits

    How to stop food cravings

    How To Change Your Physical Activity Related Habits

    The Critical Role that Nutrition Plays in Losing Weight

    The Importance of Unconditional Self-Love in Your Weight Loss Journey

    If you are sick and tired of being overweight, and ready to transform your body then take the opportunity to download this book today.

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    Weight Loss Motivation: for Men and Women: Motivational Hacks & Strategies to Trick Your Brain and Lose Weight Fast (Weight Loss, Motivation Strategies, How to Lose Weight Book 1)

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    Your Weight Loss Journey Made Easy, Exciting and Fun!

    If you've ever struggled to stay motivated on your path to permanent weight loss, this guide will contain the answers you're looking for!

    When one decides to go on a weight loss plan, for any reasons and encompassing any activities, it is not very difficult for one to start. You can find tons of articles on the internet explaining how to start out on a weight loss plan, how to make a proper schedule, what things to do and what to avoid etc. But a topic that is rarely addressed anywhere is how to stick to a weight loss plan, and more importantly, what to do when you find yourself getting side-tracked, losing your motivation, and getting back to where you were before. When that happens, you feel guilty and you waste your time and energy.

    But it doesn't have to be that way!

    You can learn to re-program your brain with powerful psychological techniques to create unstoppable motivation on demand. With your new mindset, you can finally reach your weight loss goals like you have always wanted.

    This guide is like a cup of coffee for your mind. You are about to embrace simple, practical and doable solutions to positively fuel your mind with motivation which will make sure you are taking the RIGHT action and not falling off the wagon.

    Inside You Will Discover:

    Why you need to have your WHY

  • How to actually avoid the trap of boring, unrealistic starvation diets and stressful exercise programs

  • How to make the entire process of weight loss your new addiction so that you are naturally driven to achieve your goals

  • How to unleash unlimited inner motivation so that you never worry about what others think of you

  • How to use failure and obstacles to actually get more motivated and take massive action

  • How to create a healthy lifestyle you enjoy and quit "dieting" once and for all

  • How to stop being a victim of emotional eating

  • What to do to create different sources of motivation that only depend on YOU and on what you WANT

  • The most common myths of motivation, how they make more than 95 of people trying to lose weight go in the wrong direction, and what you can do to avoid them

  • How you can achieve your weight loss goals without any special willpower skills

  • How to fall in love with yourself (with reciprocation) and to avoid the most common trap of self-guilt along with discovering the proven secrets that will make you unstoppable!

  • So what are you waiting for? This book will tell you all about what you need to do to not let the momentary lapse in determination get to you, and instead get back on track with renewed vigor and enthusiasm so that you can create a new, slimmer, healthier and more energized version of yourself!

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    Weight Loss Motivation: 28 Powerful Motivation Hacks, Secrets and Strategies for Bulletproof Motivation to Lose Weight! (Weight Loss Motivation Strategies Book 1)

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    Are You Struggling to Stick To Your Weight Loss Plan Over The Long Run? Do You Find Yourself Constantly Falling off the Wagon?

    Apply These 28 Simple, Yet Extremely Effective Hacks for Unstoppable Motivation Day-in, Day-out!Dear friend, My name is Megan Lacey, and I want to give you the gift of BULLETPROOF motivation that you can use everyday to stick to your weight loss journey; its time to take things to the next level and not only make progress on your weight loss journey, but to start enjoying the journey!

    Discover How To Instantly Rewire Your Brain to Feel A Constant Surge of Motivation Day-in, Day-out!

    No more falling off and starting again, one more start is all you need!Im going to teach you how to pick up your motivation when its feeling low by using my simple, yet extremely effective motivation hacks.

    Inside Youll Discover...

  • How you can annihilate the power of temptation once and for all! (Hack #15)
  • How to reprogram your brain to automatically move toward healthy, productive habits and move away from negative, unhealthy ones - (Hack #23)
  • How to never lose desire for your goals and keep them in front of your eyes - (Hack #16)
  • The simple method to enjoy your exercise time; working out is supposed to be fun! - (Hack #14)
  • The one weekly habit that will make sticking to your diet astonishingly simple and effortless- (Hack #11)
  • How to ensure youre always making consistent progress and never succumb to feeling overwhelmed by the journey in front of you - (Hack #6)
  • Much, much more!
  • Scroll Up & Download Your Copy Right Now!

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    The Weight Loss Prayers: 30 Daily Prayers for Weight Loss Motivation (The Weight Loss Scriptures)

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    During her own 85-pound weight loss journey, Kimberly Taylor discovered that she needed God's strength to stay committed when her weight loss motivation started to fade. In The Weight Loss Prayers: 30 Daily Prayers for Weight Loss Motivation, Kim shares her secret success weapon - the prayers she wrote to enlist God's help during the process, from dealing with temptation to handling stress.

    You can use these same power prayers, inspirational scriptures, and practical devotions with your weight loss program, or on their own.

    An ideal companion to Kim's best-selling book, The Weight Loss Scriptures, The Weight Loss Prayers will give you supernaturally-inspired motivation to finally succeed in reaching your ideal weight and maintain it.

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